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Dress Code

Students are required to follow the dress code practises observed by the AL-ILM School.

The instructions are mentioned below:

  • All necessary areas of body must be covered with modest clothing.
  • Dresses should loose enough and indescribable of one’s shape of the body.
  • Thick outfits should be worn that veils hair or other parts of the body properly, and do not catch attention.
  • All pants must be loose-fitting.
  • Scarves, blouses, or tops cannot be transparent. Sisters are asked to wear long sleeves.
  • Blouses or tops must be long enough to cover hips.
  • Long pants should be worn by both brothers and sisters.
  • No picture of animals or human is allowed on clothing.


AL-ILM Weekend School provides an environment for your child to learn and love Islam and Islamic lifestyle in modern world. We teach the Quran in easy, memorable and positive ways — Allah’s love, His wills, and what He expects of us.
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