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Field Trip – State House & Court House Visit

Students in the SEED Youth Leadership Program will visit the Statehouse and Courthouse in addition to other activities, which reinforces their understanding.

Registration Fee for Field Trip

  • For Al-ILM Students: $60
  • For Non-Al-ILM Students: $80

State House Visit

In the SEED Youth Leadership Program, the Statehouse is an extremely popular part  for school field trips. It provides students with great  opportunities to study. Students learn about history and politics while seeing one of the finest maintained state capitals in the country at the State House. Students could get the opportunity to speak with their representatives and perhaps the governor!
  • 21st December, 2022
Court House

Court House Visit

Field trip to the United States Courthouse in Indianapolis’ downtown is  instructive, enjoyable. It includes students in the study of civics, government, history, law, and arts. Participants receive an overview of the State Courts System during this tour. The academic standards of Indiana are met by all Courthouse field trips.
  • 22nd December, 2022


  • For Al-ILM Students: $60
  • For Non-Al-ILM Students: $80


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