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Believing that Allah (SWT) has created each human being on the pattern of Islam/with an Islamic nature, the administration and staff of Al-Ilm Weekend School will provide for the students an atmosphere and experience that will help develop this Islamic character and personality according to commands and guidelines of Al-Quran and Sunnah of prophet Muhammad (PBUH).



To develop and expand each student’s knowledge of Allah (SWT), man, society, and the Universe.


To develop each student’s level of Islamic awareness and foster a sense of belonging to the Islamic communityboth locally and worldwide.


To prepare each student to assume his/her role as Allah’s vicegerent (khalifah) with faith, knowledge, righteous conduct, and selfless service.


To establish an Islamic environment with a high degree of moral values and discipline among students.


To provide opportunities for Islamic education to adults working with the school and establish avenues for their contributions and involvement.


AL-ILM Weekend School provides an environment for your child to learn and love Islam and Islamic lifestyle in modern world. We teach the Quran in easy, memorable and positive ways — Allah’s love, His wills, and what He expects of us.
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