The AL-ILM Weekend School recently presented the first-ever SEED Youth Leadership Program. The program was created to aid in developing young leaders capacities for success in their communities. During the program, participants learned about conflict resolution, effective communication, and community organizing.

The AL-ILM Weekend School is committed to helping young leaders grow and succeed. The SEED Youth Leadership Program was created to provide a level-up experience for young leaders. The program is designed to help youth develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for success in their life and career.

The school children are grateful to us for the opportunity to gain more fresh information from Sheikh Ahmed Alamine, and they are glad to participate here. Having a man of this caliber join us is also a blessing. He teaches them how to take charge of their own career and make confident decisions for themselves.

The curriculum assists young children in developing leadership skills and decision-making abilities in daily life. Sheikh Ahmed Alamine commands the highest regard in our weekend school and is the program’s instructor. Islamic and leadership skills must be improved by students. They should also work on gaining motivation, willpower, and self-confidence.

Sheikh Ahmed Alamine’s organization of these imaginative events for our young generation, which serve to foster the development of future leaders, is also appreciated by AL-ILM Weekend School.