AL-ILM Weekend School is a place where children learn how much Allah adores them! The school offers kids and their parents a friendly fellowship and a welcoming community. They all come together, learn, pray, and, yes, play. Al ILM Weekend School provides a setting for learning Islam and getting to know Muslims in a varied and interesting community.

AL-ILM Weekend School provides an atmosphere in which your kid will learn about Islam and the Islamic way of living in the modern world. Al-ILM teaches the Quran in simple, memorable, and uplifting ways. Allah’s love, His will, and what He expects of us.

AL-ILM celebrated its 30th anniversary on June 5, 2022.

These are the episodes of the day-long program.

Graduation ceremony

Guests Speakers

Ice cream truck.

Bouncing Castle

Henna/Face Painting

Balloon animals


Dinner and More

André D. Carson, the U.S. representative representing Indiana’s 7th congressional district, spoke as a guest speaker. IMCA’s Usman Ahmed and Eyas Radad were also present as speakers.

In the program, participants get a graduation certificate, special acknowledgment, and photographs taken. There were also critical debates on numerous themes, as well as opening and closing prayers and communal dining.

The study programs of AL-ILM Weekend School are Kindergarten through 10th grade. Classes are held every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It involves structured, in-person Quranic Studies and Islamic Studies classes for each grade level independently. Your children will learn about Islam and meet other Muslims in a beautiful, growing, and fascinating environment.

The main purposes of AL-ILM Weekend School are- 

To increase each student’s Islamic consciousness and to build a sense of belonging to the Islamic community both locally and globally.

To improve and broaden each student’s understanding of Allah (SWT), man, society, and the Universe.

To train each student to serve as Allah’s vicegerent (khalifah) via faith, knowledge, virtuous behavior, and selfless service.

To create an Islamic atmosphere in which pupils have excellent moral values and discipline.

To give adults working with the school opportunities for Islamic education and to provide outlets for their contributions and engagement.

To shape the Islamic character and personality in accordance with the mandates and recommendations of the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).