Registration for admission in the academic session of 2022–2023 is open now. Existing parents who are willing to enroll in this year’s session, are requested to follow the demonstration accordingly.

1. After successful login into the portal, you will be able to locate this window and proceed to make any necessary modifications, such as updating the grades of students or adding new students, as appropriate.

2. To add a new child, click the “Add New” button, and then fill in all of the required information.

3. At this point, select the “Tuition Plan” that best suits your needs and then click the “Calculate Amount” button to determine the overall cost of your enrollment.

4. Kindly fill in the payment details as follows. Click on “Submit Payment Now” to complete registration for this session.

Please kindly find the confirmation mail in your given email address to ensure your registration.

In case of any issue during the registration process, kindly contact the respective authority.

You can call or text us at (317) 672-0488